Chlorine in the water

Has anyone in sydney noticed a stronger level of chlorine in the water?

We haven't been able to drink from the tap since yesterday morning and I just pulled the kids out of the bath because it's worse than the local swimming pool.
Chlorine in the water can't harm your kids in the bath.

If you can SMELL chlorine it may just indicate that recent rain has made the water turbid and the added chlorine is doing it's job.

If you REALLY think it is harmful to drink (it isn't), allow your drinking water to stand for a few minutes or run it through a "Stefani" filter. If you DID NOT have chlorine in your water there would be international travel warnings against going to Sydney.
i read somewhere that if you can smell the chlorine, then there isn't enough in the water ... is tht right or not?
I rang sydney water tonight. We drink a fair bit of water and something was diffinately not right. We also have recycled water in this area for outside taps so was concerned about cross contimation which has happened before.

10pm two techies knock on my door with their testing equipment. Changes have apparently been done at one of the treatment and storage plants a few weeks ago and that's what causing the odour and taste. It was done in the middle of feb but takes a few weeks to get through the system. Should hopefully settle down in the next few days.

Still going to organise a drinking filter for the kitchen i think.

Poor buggers had to drive from rockdale to kellyville.
Drove all that way to check and find nothing,,
so much better than Not driviing all that way and not finding something

Dont know how to give Kudos to sydney water for bothering to come out & check,

will think Kudos at them, mind power - if they get the warm fuzzies they will be small not much power in this mind
Very often queires get the 'she'll be jake' and there really is something wrong but nobody looks at it