Competitive management fees?

Recently an agent offered to manage 2 of my IPs for 5.5% with 3 inspection reports with photos annually. They specialise around Maroubra, inner west and lower north shore in Sydney. I thought that was quite competitive and a pretty good deal provided they do a good job obviously.

My current agent is offering 6.6% and have been pretty good. What is everyone's experience and current rate?
If your current pm is pretty good I would be inclined to stick with them seeing as you are talking about a large sum of money in difference. Of course you can always try to negotiate further with you current pm, if you feel the need. ;)
Work out how much you will be saving - odds are its only about $2-4 a week.
Its all tax deductable anyways, so it really depends if you are happy with your current agent or not.