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From: Rasputin .

Has reaaly amazed me the price of some of the seminars for Property Investment , but I was truly blown away when a company contacted me the other day to invite to an overseas seminar cost of $8000 , but they wanted me to do a study at home forst cost of $2500 .. this comapny are called International Seminars Ltd , watch out for them harrassing you soon to depart with more of your hard earned money.
As I said to the rep so much information is avaialble online now not only for that type of thing, but also for Property investment. Its time the IP community banded together and refused to attend the outragously priced seminars and start spreading the news far and wide of what we have already learnt. Any one who has unfortuantly spent already at a seminar should now fill us all in on what they learnt and not make us have to attend the same seminars to get the information.

Info should be free for all
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From: Sergey Golovin

Yes, but what about freedom of speech and press.

Serge G.
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From: Rasputin .

Exactly it should be FREE dom of speech ....
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From: Sergey Golovin

I have spend about $200-300 to buy books at book store on Investment and hundreds of hours and dollars (connection fees) on Web so far.
Was stupid enough to show some of those books to people at work and they laughed at me. I am sorry for them on sense that they do not want to know anything about it (investment).
I do read and learn what ever is available at reasonable cost of course. I am prepared to pay for it with hard earned cash, but again only in reasonable limits and if it makes sense. I do not have $8-10K to pay for seminar ( know) may be this is why it does not worry me. But I do take your point that basic and professional education should be free and as well as paid (freedom of choice I guess).
I do not know.
Hang in there Son...
Do not give up...

Serge G.
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From: Rasputin .

exactly my point, small educational expenses such as some books are fine, but to pay to hear some pne speak is jsut too much for me to agree to. But then again I also am more of a socialist than a capitalist !!!
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From: Robert Longmore

There is an interesting story in this months Money Magazine (april edition) concerning Propertry "gurus" and their expensive seminars. It basically states the all these seminars start off with a cheap introductory seminar usually around the $50 mark, then bombard you with stories of great wealth and rags to riches stories, but dont actually give any factual informaton, unless of course you hand over somewhere between $2000 to $10,000 after which time you will become a millionair through property investment. and strangly, all these people preach the teaching of a Mr Robert Kiyosaki. They also tell you how to find property on the "cheap" by looking for sellers who have defaulted, gone through a divorce etc etc, sound familiar?

definatly worth a read!
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From: Terry Avery


You may be interested in the posts in the old forum which discussed the
issue of others laughing at property investors. Many people related their
negative experiences with friends, relatives and work mates. Most agreed
that they don't talk about investing to people whose thinking is too narrow
to understand. Don't be disheartened by others as their reactions are based
on lack of knowledge, ambition or just plain jealousy. Some people just
don't understand that they can improve their financial situation but
fortunately you have here a forum of like minded people to share your ideas
and experiences with.

From my point of view I think your money and time spent on books is well
spent. I have no intentions of grossly over-paying someone to tell me (or
not tell me much, going on comments in this forum) things I can learn by
reading some books and this forum. I don't need to go to a seminar to be
motivated, I am already motivated. I am in the business of training and from
what I have seen and heard of about many seminars is that they are long on
hype but short on details or answers, come to our next grossly priced
seminar and we might be able to answer your question!!! And people pay
thousands to do so? I would be shot on the spot if I told my students to
come to the next seminar/course to find the answer.

However I don't believe that professionally presented courses should be
free, after all the time and effort of producing courses is not cheap. You
don't expect to get free advice from an accountant, solicitor or financial
planner so why should training be free. Amateurs provide training at cost or
no fee, professionals charge because you can sue them and their insurance
for that is high. You get what you pay for. I use a solicitor for
conveyancing because I have an avenue of redress if he stuffs up through his
insurer or the solicitor's board. A conveyancing company may be a $2 company
and have no assets as well as having no body overseeing standards although I
agree the majority do a good and professional job.

That's enough of my rave for now.
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