Craigieburn VIC


I was told by a friend it might be too far north from the CBD to ride the supposed next property wave in Melbourne? Does it have a train or tram going down to the city?
craigieburn does not have a tram

it is the last stop of the craigieburn suburban train line

there is a proposed freeway joining mount ridley road to the western ring road which would be a good thing

there are quite few other developments proposed for the area too
Tram no. It has been connected to the Melbourne train network.

The north of Melbourne seems to be booming. In saying that I'm not a fan of Craigieburn investment because there is so much vacant land around it, which will be developing.

Apparently it's only 25km from the CBD.
My girlfiend lives out this way, Its pretty far out, to get to work in the mornings (thru Roxbrough Park down Pascoe Vale Rd) takes 1hr leaving at 7am getting to work at 8am, leave later than this time add on another 15-20mins, don't bother going down Michleham Rd!

Not much out here, no large shopping centre (like highpoint or watergardens) - Broady your closest, no decent schools etc. Too much land surrounding it too for development (think of the next caroline springs) although it will take lots and lots of time to get to that level.

Overall, it is a lower socio eco area, I don't see much potential, you have the old area (closer to the train line) and the new area (highlands) about a 5-7min drive away. I believe houses in the old area are selling for around 300-350k, many of the houses being rented out get the people you don't really want occupying your house!

Overall, for similar prices, I see much, much better value and opportunity in areas like Sunshine, Ardeer, Braybrook etc (even though those areas have a rough reputation too - not for long i think!) Many people that live here don't really like the area.