depreciation schedule

Hi guys

I know this has been asked before but I am new to this I have 2 ip I have had them both for about 3 years they are both pre 1984 I have been reading a lot about depreciation schedules and not sure if I should get one I have had a quote its about $1100.00 for both properties. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated .
At a rough guess, what do you think all the fixtures and fittings in your IP's would be worth? If they arent worth too much, it might not be economical to get a depreciation schedule done.
I just add the new items as I repair or renovate them to my tax return. This doesnt require a schedule as such, the accountant just claims the depreciation for me on the cost of each item.
I also claim the borrowing costs for the reno/repair, which sounds a bit like double dipping, but I'm assured its legit.
If I ever have a client who is unsure if it is feasible to get a depreciation schedule for an old property, I send them to depreciator.