Development costs - what am i missing?

Wondering if someone with development experience can have a look at the attached basic spreadsheet please and let me know if there is anything that is glaringly missing?

I am using it as a template at the moment and want to make sure i dont miss anything too major.




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Looks ok to me although it's a bit hard to see from such a fairly simplified feaso. Make it a bit more "nitty gritty" and specificy all items. :)
Ony option you have to open this file is Save, not Open, so I did save it and still cant open it because it says, Computer doesnt know what package used. Suggest you either upload it here, or change it to Open else you wot get much feedback
Never done a development myself, so could be talking out my hat.

Are there GST implications and do you want CGT on here?

Ditto, and agree. I would subsequently suggest that the 'Net' total be interpreted perhaps as 'gross' total. Also, what about your cost, in terms of time and the affects of NPV?

Things that come to mind:

Sevices for each additional unit
Subdivision fees
Surveyor fees
Working drawings
Elaborate on "Plans and Permits". Much more involved.
Legals - both buying and selling
Loan establishment fees and exit fees
etc etc


Ben, I agree with what has been posted above. Your figures need to be broken down a lot more so that we can see what is missing. Just split each item you have posted into the actual expenses.

Twelve months for the project sounds a bit quick. Maybe it's just Adelaide that is being quoted 14-16 months at present.....