Difficult PM


Wondering if anyone would be able to help me out in what avenue I could take to possible getting my PMs actions & Company (as He is the Director) looked upon. The IP is located in Laverton; Melbourne.

He is very unprofessional and has not fully delivered what he has promised and outlined within contract. Needless to say I am about to cut the fat.

Any help appreciated :)

With Thanks,
new PM

We have sold our property in Corio, but I have been extremely happy with my PM at Carey first national LARA.

Always helpful and quick with the bank deposits from the rent, lovely lady.
If you would like more info, please send me a message, as she comes highly recommended...
Having just gone through cutting a PM loose, I couldn’t be happier. If someone you’re paying to do a job is not up to par then get rid of them and use one of many companies out there that are. IPs are just too important to leave it to incompetent management.
agreed troyhunt. I just want his actions to be investigated.. I've been told VCAT but I just dont see what assistance they could be of from a Lanlord's perspective.
Many Many things and A LOT.

In short;

*Behind in rent - no updates given to landlord - no 14 day notice sent out to tenants; Needless to say this is since September.

*For the last few months main window at front of IP has had masking tape all over it (obviously broken) I withheld to say anything to see if it would be rectified. Not, so called and asked if PM had any idea- none. Asked when last Open for Inspection was completed -Replied 1 week ago, which I did not receive any phone call or letter about to be invited to. So he did not pick up on this broken window and I asked if he could arrange to somehow. He said yes, nothing has happened since. A few situations like this have occured over the last 10months.

*Changed PM's without notifying myself, when i questioned this his response was "i've always been your PM from day one and Im the Director here"
I know for a fact he has not been my PM, I had been in contact with a lady in charge, it her name on all the documents, her on all email actions etc.

*Allowing tenants to pay in installments, and he has no problems with it because they are ahead - When in fact they are behind.
Called PM asking for a ledger and a financial statement, from doing both extensive and a very basic calculation of 5months multiply by Xamount gives total of what I should have in comparison to what I have, is substantially different because they were already out when starting this financial year. The PM clearly isnt doing his job if he isnt aware of this therefor also meaning tenants have no idea of their current situation.

*Last of all he is RUDE.
Whilst the rent arrears, broken windows, and rudeness are unacceptable, I've never been invited to an inspection (I assume you mean condition inspection, not "open inspection" for sale?) and wouldn't expect to be.

With regards to who the PM is, you usually appoint a company, and several people share the role. I don't think it matters which individual does the various tasks, as long as they're all done and one person is ultimately responsible, and that's what I believe the Director is telling you - he is and always has been ultimately responsible.

Good luck finding a better PM.
from what you have described, and the fact you have brought it to the attention of the person in charge, and this matter is still not resolved?
immediate action is required to protect your interests.
appoint a new manager who is competent.

hopefully your losses will not be too great, including your peace of mind.
do not waste anymore time with the agency you described.

and tell all your friends.
yes most deffinatley. I have appointed a new agent/PM as of tomorrow.
Thanks for all your feedback deffinately lets me know I'm not being too critical or emotionally involved.

However, I still think he has made an ill promise to the contract that we signed and would liek to think there is an avenue in which a direction I can take to persue this a little further. Best result for me would be to not have paid him his PM Fee of 5% + gst as I believe he has not completed his duties.

Dissapointing. And will deffinately be telling all my friends to steer clear.
Thanks again.
Best result for me would be to not have paid him his PM Fee of 5% + gst as I believe he has not completed his duties.
This sounds like a pretty low rate compared to what I have seen, I guess you were getting what you paid for.

Good to see you moved on, read too much about people just continuing on with problem agents like this...
Lucky for me 5% + gst is quite standard in my local area :)

Previous agent. I should have paid him nothing for the nothingness he has done over the past 10months.
We are notified of every inpending inspection and invited to attend if we wish. We rarely bother, just leave it up to the PM unless we happen to drive past and see anything we think needs a closer look, but let's face it, by the time the inspection takes place anything that might be a bit sus will be cleaned up or removed anyway.