Do you have a story to tell?

What happened !

A similar story to several others - working away without much direction then purchased one IP (off the plan), unforseeen delays until settlement, so in the meantime puchased no2 IP; rainy weekend, nothing better to do, found no3 IP; found partner (& no4 IP); "found" beautiful unit in Harris Park no5; and the others came naturally.

The above, together with the MF, put me on track for our target - what happened ? Encouragment, support and motivation from the contributors on this forum - again, many thanks.

I'm still blown away by what has happened - from $100k (1997) to $3+m !!!

Strangely our needs have remained unchanged - work (helping others), dinner at home, a bottle of red (under $10) and the occasional cuddle.

Life is good.

One of the key things that I learnt from the Rich Dad Poor Dad book that still sticks in my mind is that whilst many people have the discipline to go to the gym and try get fit, many don't have the discipline to get their minds financially fit.

Having become a keen student on IP's I have now turned this is idea on its head.

I decided that since I have the mental discipline to try make my mind financially fit, I must now exercise the discipline to lose some weight and become physically fit.

And so I now go to the gym with some strong goals.


lizzie said:
after trekking for over a week in one of the beautiful west coast river systems
Lizzie, I'd have guessed that was Milford, Routeburn, or Hollyford Tracks. Did those when I was 18. But then if you were eating the fauna, maybe you were further down the SW Coast. IMHO NZ is the most beautiful temperate country in the world.

Geoff, being almost vegetarian, The World is My Kiwi Fruit.

Tony, great story, and can relate to unchanging needs. I can't believe the high quality of some reds under $10 nowadays.

Keen, excellent point. Agree with you totally that keeping the mind and body fit share much in common. Wouldn't it be great if Australia decided to choose a new cultural image, other then the 'beer gut she'll be right mate, oy oy oy' one. We could instead adopt a culture of healthiest nation in the world (no doubt the title is up for grabs), most informed investors, most commercially innovative, happiest... gee we could even focus on gaining the highest percentage of healthy centenarians. I've always been dumbfounded at our capacity to idolize ignorant footy players rather then ethical entrepreneurs or great scientists.

Anyway, I am off to the Gold Coast for the weekend......:)
Was 39 and a single mother living in rented accommodation, feeling like a mouse on a treadmill, round and round and round getting nowhere. Good job but all I was doing was paying the bills. Was also sick of having to move because the owners wanted to sell. Got another couple of small part-time jobs, saved myself silly for a deposit on a little little house in Western Sydney. Was there 2 years and met the love of my life who didn't have much either to at the time (some tragedy which meant he was starting over again).

He is the one that taught me about using equity to ramp up. Over the next few years we relocated to Brisbane and purchased 6 IP's (all by about late 2002 :D ) so now I don't feel like a mouse anymore, I feel more like a squirrel, storing up my goodies so that I won't go without in the future!!!
Packing light

lizzie said:
and it comes down to "do i take a change of underwear or another freeze dried meal".
:) Sounds like when I'm going away for a trip on my motorbike. I'm down to a fine art now. I never come home with unworn clothes. My best so far has been a 10 day summer trip and managing to pack everything into a 45 litre bag. My bike can take 2 of these but I like to travel light. Winter is a different story - wet weather gear, thermals, gee it gets cold out there...

Love travelling by myself. So much time to think and when you arrive at your destination, there's always company if you want it.
The most important thing i learnt was that health, happiness, an active curious mind, a smile, and a light and warm heart will always make someone look wealthier and more attractive than a new BMW and a $1000 suit or new shoes.

That is quite profound... property investing then, fits in towards health, happiness, curiosity...

But, actually, is there a darker side to property investing and business? For example, it is profitable to do superficial reno's that dont fix the problem but I wonder if that does bad towards having a light and warm heart.

Anyway, some very nice posts. Learning alot!