Do you know a Brilliant accountant - Geelong, Ballarat, or Melbourne?

Hi Everyone,

I am a sporadic forum poster but am back seeking a word of mouth referral for a really great accountant, with expertise in property investment and trusts! Preferably Geelong, Ballarat but Melbourne is fine too (just a bit of a drive from Western country Vic).

My requirement is someone who knows the ins an outs of trusts really well and can teach me along the way (or at least have be able to communicate the issues well) as we build up our portfolio.

I have recently set up a trust for asset protection as I am self employed but the whole thing has been a shambles... I feel that we have had poor advice from our professionals, including lawyer and I'm now looking for new help with high priority being the accountant.

If you can help or know someone who can, let me know.

Many thanks and regards,