Do you survey the IP boundary before unconditional ?

I've never done it, I always order valuation, building & pest etc, but never engage a surveyor to check if the fence boundary matches what's on the title. Just wondering if any of my fellow investors has actually pay for a surveyor (few hundred $$) to do that ?
Not being familair with "adverse possession" rules elsewhere, but in NSW I get a survey to establish that the house I'm looking at is on the correct block of land.

If people have fenced incorrectly or an original owner owned more than one lot, it is easy for a house to encroach over the boundary.
Just go to Kennards & hire one of those big measuring wheels & do it yourself. Should be pretty close. My conveyancer put the fear of god into me many years ago with stories of incorrect boundaries. Apparently it's much more common than people think. One client discovered that the neighbour's garage was actually not on their own land. It had happened years earlier.
For our PPOR
I own the neighbours garage, and driveway and the access ways to the doors, he uses for his buseness, we lodged with titles office notice of encroachment the day we closed on the property so he cant claim adverse possession,,

He is so very friendly,
I havent bulldozed the garage
put railway track fence over the driveway,
or made him move the house
I seem to be his best Bud :D

One IP
The neighbours have two relocatables, and his well, encroaching on our lot, he didnt want us to redevelop, changed his mind when we showed him the survey tapes up the walls of his houses, and the plan of survey, he too is my best bud
'nother IP
the neighbours access their lot using our land to which they do not have right of way or easement, get snow plowed before they do every storm, thats a good deal for us

seems to be commonplace
& manipulatable to your advantage
Our house is 20cm over the neighbour's boundary at the back.

All the houses on either side of ours on our block are 20cm out, in fact.

Should have heard our surveyor cursing and swearing!
always - i like the peace of mind that what i am paying for is what i am actually getting ... and be prewarned about any issues that might arise in the future.