Own a 700m2 block in Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane, QLD. Looking at possibilities of construction a duplex on the block. Zoned as LDR.

Does anyone have any experience in construction a duplex in Brisbane?

Where should i start?

Bank, has requested the following to be able to borrow

- fixed price - building contract with finance clause
- specifications - fittings
- building plans

Your help is appreciated.
I've done a few duplex developments in SE Qld but not in Sunnybank.

If you use a project builder you can pick a design from their catalogue and tweak it as you please.

They will organise a site survey which is necessary for the engineering of the foundations. With this information they can then offer you a fixed price contract for the build, showing the inclusions and fittings, which you can take to the bank.
Hey Jeremy,

Is there a project builder you would recommend?

I have a couple of houses coming up, and wanted something simple and basic but fixed price.
Thank Jeremy. I have sent you a pm. The zoning of my property is LDR, Im was told by someone i can build a duplex on my lot. But, im just reading up on the council website and apparently dual occupancy ( aka duplex ) has to have a min land area of 3000m2. Is that correct? What is the minimum land size to construct a duplex?