I have had my email address for 10 years and it was set up with my original provider. They have now changed hands 3 times and I have ended up with a service I don't like. Does anyone know if I can not use them? If I set up an account with yahoo or gmail, could I still use my original email name? Any help vastly appreciated
if you use a gmail account, whether you can use your original email prefix is dependent on whether it is already taken by someone else.

my primary account is gmail. I figure they have the deepest pockets and will keep it free and faultless for the longest. but eventually i expect they'll start charging or fill it with annoying ads.
If you use a free email service you can set up a forward
so that all old email is sent to your new address.
But that only works while your still paying your old

Other option is to register a domain name. Then there
are free services that will then forward all email to that
domain name to a nominated email account.
That account can be pointed anywhere and changed
when ever your're no longer happy with the service
Set up a new one and the forward.

But keep your old ISP service open by just paying for their cheapest service - probably a dialup account at $10 pm or the like.

Spend a while telling everyone your new email then cancel the dial up.