Estimating buy price - Part 2

G'day GSJ,

Mate, you just OVERPAID by ~$40k !!! You coulda had it for $285k !!!

Hehe - the reread was great. I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but just loved the input from many others. In short, it was a HOOT !!

And what a lot of learning is there to be had. I still don't own any commercial property - but who's to say I WON'T own some into the future (especially if I can find something - AND a tenant that nobody else has - it's all "out there")

The shame is we haven't heard much from Ross Sneddon or Mike for some time now. Life's like that. But it was fun at the time, and still holds one or several useful snippets for those who have an interest. And, for those that don't, it's still a hoot :D

Thanks for bumping it, GSJ,

Another bump!

Great forum and a great thread... wish I could understand all the ideas here. I am a newbie to investing AND I'm terrible with numbers. I'm looking at a property and I wish I could get a better handle on what it may be worth. Would anyone care to hazard a guess?

- 20kms from city on a major road
- Floor area approx. 150sqm
- Currently not leased, formerly a popular cafe (so says the agent)

What other features are pertinent when trying to figure out price?