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From: Denis Backhouse

G'day Guys,

Just a note to say don't miss A Current Affair on Channel 9 on Monday 13th May, 6.30pm in Brisbane (Check your local time.)

Geoff Doidge (geoff1 on this forum) looks like being the star of the show!

Geoff and Paul Eslick have just completed a 3-week renovation of a dump in Hamilton (Brisbane).

Just to do it in that time, in a period that included 2 pubic holidays, and three wet days would be awesome enough ... But Geoff and Paul generated an unbelievable 80% capital gain as well!

You'll see how they took a very sad, run down little "timber and tin" Queenslander, and turned it into a top rental property in a very desirable address.

This was Geoff really putting his money where his mouth is.

In his seminars, he teaches how to buy well, without cheating lying or stealing!

He did exceptionally well here. Bought for $150 000 in a suburb where the median is close to $300 000!

He and Paul teach how to renovate to a tight budget ... 10% to 15% of purchase price. They did it here for $24 000 ...

It previously rented poorly because of its shabby, run-down appearance .. about $150 a week. Geoff has several rent appraisals from RE Agents that say it will rent now for $250 or more!

And its capital value now?

Again several independent and knowledgeable local RE Agents reckon between $270K to $300K

Have a look at Geoff's website for an album of "before and after" photos. You won't believe what these guys can do.

And sometimes "Less is More". Have a look at what taking OUT a meter of wall, and adding a set of french doors can do to transform a poky little house.


Look for "Miracle Makeover"

Watch Current Affair on Monday .. Channel 9

Is it any wonder that Geoff Made the Forum Hall of Fame?

Hope this is valuable.

Best regards,

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From: Waverly Bay

Great stuff - a brilliant renovation result !
I am sure Geoff and Paul will put on a interesting show on ACA.

I was wondering though... does any one know when this particularly Hamilton property was purchased by these sydney interstate buyers? It would be nice to know just how much of the gain is attributable to reno skills vis-a-vis pure market madness.


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From: G D

Hi Waverley

Ive waited for an answer...in vain

so I had better answer this ...as I and the owner are the only ones who know the real story...and if I get someone else to do it for me ...

I will probably get accused of spamming again!!!...

which is why I stopped contributing some time back...

My diary says the house (that I found and negotiated) was due to settle on Mon 11th March 2002...I think there was a problem with a lost title (which caused some angst) and it may have settled a day or two later.

That removes any major cap growth contribution from the time factor.

It was independently valued in the contract period at $150,000 .

Here are the key dates

Settlement 11/03/02

tenant leaves 11/4/02

squatters & their...implements!leave 12/04/02
after my persuasion

Miracle Makeover Seminar Day 1 Sat 20/04/02

Reno starts Mon 23/04/02

Reno complete Fri 10/05/01

includes public hols 25/4 & 3/5

and full day seminars on site 27/4 4/5 11/5

and breaks for filming by A Current Affair and filming of the whole 4 weeks by our own crew...

and the last week of rain...whew...

It was the toughest thing we have ever done due to the time and filming and insurance requirements...

and achieved due to the project management skills of my partner Paul Eslick

The house was bought for $150,000

After renovation

3 independent appraisals at ...

$170k -180k



less than working 20 days to create $120,000+ cap gain for expenditure of $24000 and we expect a doubling of rent too... to $250-$260pw

(previous rent $130pw)

A cash positive deal in a blue ribbon suburb and $100,000 cap gain in less than 3 weeks!!~

geez... and we get accused of spamming when we tell people that this is possible and that they too can do this if they have the know how...

this type of result should be thrown at the 2 tier marketters

this should be shared amongst all investors

this is what we should all be doing ...and achieving

not buying an overpriced unit/townhouse and hoping and praying for it to go up...

go and have a look at the website and check out the photos

go to the nine msn site and see the story

This reno was filmed because the producer of ACA brisbane used our strategies and made $60,000... he knows it works...and insisted on filming it...

spam... spamm if this is spam... there should be more of it...real profits and achievments made for investors by investors..

Everything I do is to empower investors to achieve for themselves... yeh... and if they do... they tell others and they will come to our seminars ... and....so on...

what goes around...comes around...

hey we don't...

repeat don't... sell property

we teach others to buy well...to add value...to control risk...to build major portfolios ...to achieve financial independence

spam...mam...give me a break!

Geoff 1

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From: Sim' Hampel

Hi Geoff,

I know you are one of the more reputable seminar presenters out there, and you have contributed in the past to this forum. I'm sure there are many of us who would prefer you to contribute more than you do currently too.

What does come across a tad too strongly is 4 posts in rapid succession by Denis blatantly plugging your seminars. One post like that would probably have gone unnoticed, but four almost identical posts... that is pure spam, not matter what the motivation. There is a place for advertising seminars, and it is in Meeting Point. No one should have any complaints about you or Denis posting there as often as you please.

Personally I have a lot of time for people who are willing to share information or even just motivation freely with no strings attached in this forum. What does become annoying is when everything becomes an advert for your services or seminars and such. It gets a little difficult to see the information for all the marketing.

Like I said, it's not as if we're trying to stop you posting, and indeed we would like some more. Just please post it in the right spot, that's all.

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From: Mike .

Hi Geoff,

I agree with Sim's viewpoint. Your participation on this forum is always welcome and please keep us informed of your upcoming seminars via Meeting Point but don't dress them up with Hype - your credibility is enough to sell the info.

In exchange for free advertising on this forum, how about occasionally posting some answers to reno questions? During your most active period on the forum you inspired us with stories of your achievements. What better way to promote renos as a rewarding investing strategy. Your absence has left a big void in this area so any contributions by you will be much appreciated.

Regards, Mike
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From: G D

Whoops... I wondered why people werent impressed

I posted the "after reno" appraisals as...

$170k -180k



They should have been...

$270k -280k



after a 3 week reno!!

The sworn valuation 4 weeks "before"

was $150k

$120k+ in 3 weeks...

Thats better!!!!

Sorry about that

Geoff 1

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