Go Saints!

Today my fingers are crossed for my long-suffering, but eternally loyal St Kilda supporter/member husband.

It is his dream that, just once in his lifetime, his footy team will win a premiership that he can watch, LIVE.
(For those who don't know, they have only ever won one premiership - in 1966)


I don't really care about football, but now that I've moved not too far from St. Kilda.... GO SAINTS!
Have not seen too many Geelong supporters in this area, so I think it would be a sin for me not to support them! :D
Well, if they can hang on for another quarter (Saints up 4 points right now), I'm guessing it's going to be one heck of a party down the Bay tonight!
I am so not into football but turned this on for the last hour and I was agape! :eek:

What a close match! Being miles from Geelong, it's very quiet around here this evening. The St Kilda coloured balloons across the street are very deflated and blowing around listlessly - paints a sad picture.
went to bed at half time, 3am here watching live streaming internet tv to see the Saints play
watched the last part of the game when I woke up

go Saints loved it to 3/4 time

have a bad taste in my mouth
Next year
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Hmmm, I got my new piano this weekend and working my way through the teach yourself book. I'm up to "When the Saints Go Marching In"... is that just cruel? I hope my neighbors can't hear it! :)