Granny Flat Idea.

Haven't been on the forum in a while due to moving into our first place and just got the internet (yah!)..

Anyway, I have been thinking more and more about getting our 2nd IP in the next year or two when I stumbled across the whole building a granny flat properties to increase rent cashflow. I was hoping someone could shed some light on our situation and whether it would be a good option.

Basically we live on a 730sqm block, house is situated at the front so lots of room down the back. There is good car access aswell. All services are easily accessable aswell.

We live in Camden, NSW. So it's not really a over-populated town but rentals seem to get snapped up pretty quickly here. There are resources like hospitals and a vet uni close by too. If the house were to be rented, we would expect about $360 a week...what should we expect for something like a granny flat.

Sorry if my post is all over the place, big day and a bit tired. Thankyou to those who attempt to unscramble it :)