Granny Flat Rules in Qld & Vic

Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with GF rules in Qld & Vic?

Do they have something similar to NSW's 10-day approval scheme?

Council or private certifiers?

Minimum land area?

Side & back boundary?

Would appreciate all your input... Jo
I doubt very much that you will find state wide rules. You need to ask the council in the particular area you want to build in.

The case in NSW is a bit different, my understanding with the 10 day approval process is that the state government saw a need and passed rules to over ride all the councils.
I am not aware of any similar rules in VIC regarding Granny units compared to NSW.

As far as i know - Once the dependent relative stops using the Granny flat - we are supposed to remove it from the property.:mad:
That's right, in Victoria many of the zones allow for a granny flat to be put on the land (if infrastructure requirements etc can be met) without needing a planning permit. However often the council will ask for a letter regarding why it is needed which will be placed on the property file for record. The gf has to be temporary only and will be required to be removed once it is no longer needed. Otherwise it would be classified as a second house and would have to go through the usual planning hoops.