HELP-Electricity Pit costs for Dual Occ from United

Hi All,

In a bit of a situation and need advise as to what to do.

We're building Dual Occ (side by side townhouse) and the Builder applied for a Pit. On the application he asked for the pit to be put right in the middle which would form part of the boundary for the 2 new Dual Occ's. The reason why he done this as well is because he said if the Pit for 2 or more dwellings they don't charge to install the pit whereas if it's for a single dwelling they do (not sure if this is correct or not).

Now United Energy have sent a letter of offer to supply the pit but they want to install the pit right on the boundary of the property because the neighbour already has a pit on the opposite side of the fence and they are treating as one dwelling and charging us $3750 ins GST for it. Builder just finished an exact replica in the same neighbourhood and also with United and they put it in the middle of the allotment and didn't charge.

Builder is going to call them in the morning but has anyone had any experience about this and what we can do to go back and try and fight it so they put it in the middle of the allotment as requested and not have to pay etc?

Has anyone experienced this and know what we can do regarding this perhaps?