How long should I wait for Permit Plans from the Architect

Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm having issues with my Draughtman/Architect on getting our Preliminary Plans done for my property.

They were given the Establishment Survey from the Land Surveyor on 26th Oct and I'm still yet to get anything. They are being very difficult and basically keep promising the world but delivering nothing, it's starting to get really frustrating.

Can someone please tell roughly on average how long should they take to draw up some preliminary plans once they take receipt of the Establishment Survey so we can see that we like it, take them to Council for a Preliminary meeting etc?

Usually would something like 1 week be suffice for some Preliminary drawings because we're entering week 4 now.

Any help would very much be appreciated.

hi, i am a draftsman who works for an architect

the drawings you are talking about should take around a week

however, as it is at my work, other jobs may take priority, drawings we are already half way through, etc. etc.

so it may be a week until we get onto it

around 2 weeks for sketch design drawings would not be unusual in my office

working drawings and obtaining permits is a longer process