How to save useful threads or posts

Just wondering how you can save threads or posts that you may need tor refer to regularly or want to keep.

Is there an easy way other than email to yourself
Look under the 'Thread Tools" above. You can subscribe to a thread and retrieve it from your account, or email and print.
I have subscribed to 149 threads this way! By subscribing to a thread, you continue to get emails as new posts are added (just make sure you go through the whole process by clicking on the 'subscribe' button on the second page - I was hasty a few times and missed the second page, which didn't confirm my subscription).

Bookmarking the page is definitely the best option, because you can name the bookmark whatever you want, so the reason you are keeping it is maintained.

Sometimes, some of the info you want is not actually related to the original post name, which is what shows on your list of subscribed threads. eg. Thread is called 'Help me', but when you bookmark it, you call it 'Conducting Due Diligence (read from page 4)' or something.

Its alot of different emails from different threads your receiving though if you want to follow a few. Most can understand how pretty well clogged up and lost emails can get with scams plus all the other people wanting to tell you about their business/company and whats going on.

On other forums. You can simply click a button to 'Follow' a thread that you are interested in and post from this thread at any time or any replies will come up as an alert - which shows you are yet to view that page.