IP loan sales pitch.



From: Robert Longmore

I am taking the first step in purchasing my first IP. The loan salesperson is coming over on Thursday. what type of questions should i ask him apart from the obvious? and what little traps should i be aware of?

Thank you.

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From: Chris Legg

Read as much as you can on moneymanager.com.au website
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From: Jude H

If you are unsure of ANYTHING, DO NOT SIGN on the night. Instead, post your questions/concerns here and get some friendly advice or speak to a suitably qualified person. Just don't sign, it will be binding. They want your business, they will return when you are ready to sign.


~ Never take no for an answer from someone not empowered to say yes ~
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Robert

Trust your gut feel first and foremost

and simply ask for comparitive information against other similar products - any good "salesperson" should be able to provide that.



PS And of course if you have any questions - post here!
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From: John P

There's tonnes you can ask Robert, but the one I always like to ask is:

"Do you have investment property or your own?"

Also ask if you can get a copy of the valuation that is done on the property you purchase from the lender's valuer. They generally don't like to give it out but I'm sure you can squeeze it out of the lender you speak to. On a slightly different note, I must say I have had great experience with Wizard. The mobile lender I talked to was "BRILLIANT". The person you talk to can make an enormous difference. It is also an excellent product. Have a chat with them before you do anything.


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From: Sim' Hampel

Wow... is this the first post ever from Rolf which did not contain the line (or something close to):

"Please seek the advice of an independant mortgage broker"




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From: Rolf Latham

Aww come on Sim

The guy has a "sales person" coming to see him, as if i'd cut that persons deal !


Rolf :eek:)
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From: Sergey Golovin


Sorry, slightly different topic.

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From: Terry Avery

Yeah, for the kids, right!


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Could you fill me in. Who or what is "Wizard". I will be looking for finance soon with a bit of luck and am finding out who are the best people to see.

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