Leaking shower?

Just got notified of (presumed) leaking shower at one of my properties. Broom and linen cupboard that back onto the shower were covered with green mould inside on routine inspection apparently!! The photos attached are when I went in and had a look, after the tenants were told to clean it. (Apparently there was some mould there 4 months ago at the last inspection and they were told to clean it then too, but there was nothing on the report I was given...but let's not even get me started on how annoyed I am at PM!)

Photo 2 & 3 is broom cupboard - 3 walls are soaking wet, swollen and I could put my finger through them...up to about 10 inches from floor at highest point at the back. Photo 1 is the linen cupboard on right hand side of broom cupboard. Far left corner of broom cupboard would be in line with the corner of the shower (pic 361).

PM thinks a bit of silicone around the base will fix it, I'm not so sure....and also wondering how bad it looks behind the wall if this is what has happened in less than 9 months since it was last vacant and I saw no evidence of this. On close inspection the silicone looks good, but haven't filled the tray and tested it yet. It is a fibreglass shower, so no grout to leak from, even in the corner there is no join, just the silicone between the wall and floor. Mixer tap seems tight against wall, lower part of the 'arm' is a bit loose and there is a tiny screw hole behind it, but I can not imagine that a significant amount of water could spash back and under the cap and then run down the wall to cause this.

Getting a plumber out to have a look this week - anyone have any ideas of what to make sure they look for/check to hopefully save multiple visits and trial/error 'fixes' etc so I don't annoy the tenants too much (and so the damage doesn't continue - termite haven in there too!)? Also mindful that if I have to rip it all out and re-do to be sure it's fixed they will be away for a few days in a couple of weeks time so it may be better if I can move fast to make it less hassle for everyone! Pretty sure it was a home reno job when it was done before I purchased 6 yrs ago so who knows whether it was done properly!


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My guess would be that you have plumbing that is leaking.

Either the taps and /or low pressure pipe and shower head connection or even the shower base connection.

The reason I suspect that it's the higher plumbing is that the water damage is quite high up the walls in the closet.

Get the plumber to check the taps (mixer) and the low pressure connection. They can check the low pressure connections by removing the shower head and capping it. then turn on the water and see if there are leaks.

We have had a few low pressure leaks due to the door to door salesman with their water saver shower heads and idiot tenants letting them in.

If it is the base connection then you can actually inset a smaller diameter pipe (cover on the outside with silicone) to bridge the join between the shower base and the S bend underneath.