Looking for a rental property in SYD/west

Hi Everyone, I just sold my house to get into some property developing with my sis... trouble Is i am trying to get Into the rental game and can't find anything?? If anyone Is interested we can pay 3-6 months In advance .,., we have a great income..please let me know..and save on Property management fees!!
If you can afford to pay 3-6 months in advance, why not just offer 10% more than the asking rent on a rental property? Surely that would get you a place? :confused:
Are you looking for a house or a unit?
Where abouts do you want to rent?
Western Sydney is a big area....
thanks... I am open to options of other areas..depending on house and Price, we did try and rent it, but the new owners were In a hurry to get in..:mad:....
ofcourse!! that's why ... we show what we show the agent....tax returns, bank statements etc... how else did you expect it to be done?
..and save on Property management fees!!

I'd tell you the same thing that I tell all the people that used to knock on my door whenever the house at the rear of our property was vacant. Some of them I knew personally.

"Just go on down the street to the Real Estate Agent and fill in an application form. Of course, I don't select the tenant they do that, but I'm sure you'll have no problem."

Funny thing is not one of those people ever did that. They were looking for a soft touch, or someone they could take for a ride.

Of course, I am not insinuating that you would do the same thing, but there is a reason that most investors we use PM's.

BTW, I do have one vacant, so if you really want the details of the agent, give me a PM.