Maidstone Vs East Keilor and Airporst West

My wife and i have 3 children under 5 years and live in maidstone but on a busy road (in a lovely house). We are looking at east keilor/airport west but wont be upgrading our house. Do you think maidstone prices will continue to rise more than a house in east keilor? Such a big decision! We like elthem too for a complete lifestyle change. So confussed?? Any advice offered.
Hi Thomop

Funny - we're doing this exact move with 2 kids ;o) (well, maidstone to Pascoe Vale South).

In our eyes, we think PVS holds more CG than Maidstone (hence the move) - but I think it may end up being pretty much like-for-like. Not 100% sure about Airport West/East Keilor.... I think Maidstone may have the upper hand here given proximity to the city and new developments in the area.

Just my 2 cents worth thou.... ;o)

Hey AV, how is that house sale going? I would have thought Maidstone was pretty hot at the mo.
(apols to the OP for the temporary hijack.)
Hey Tuppence

Thanks for asking... sold, one day before auction. LOL. Not 100% happy with the result, think I read the market wrong. If I could have my time back I might have waited a few more months, but hey. Wasn't a bad result, but not a great one to brag about either. Think the RE pulled the wool over our eyes - turns out the buyer was a client he just sold for - something tells me vested interest!

Sold is sold is sold I suppose, AV - move onwards and upwards (in this case north-eastwards, to Pascoe Vale).
To the OP, I don't think either East Keilor or Airport West has a train station. IMHO, access to trains is only going to become more and more important in the next few years. Airport West at least has a tram into the city.