Melbourne 2030 Vision

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Melbourne residents and investors may be aware of the recent release of the State Government's vision for Melbourne over the next 30 years. Among other things, this hopes to put limits on Urban sprawl, and identifies 25-30 areas for further high density development.

The Dept. of Infrastructure has a lot of information on the website, but it is data intensive, and they have a cd-rom they will send out free. Just send an email to:
and they happily send one out.

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Melbourne 2030 now seems all but dead with the Vic Government shelving planned train and tram extensions.

(Minister says expanding the rail network is no longer a priority)

(Planning Institute supports Melbourne 2030 but doubts govt commitment on transport infrastructure)

(An example of a Melbourne 2030 activity centre being planned around a promised line that will now not be built)

At the Melbourne Property Expo, I was talking to someone who was extolling the virtues of investing in some outer suburb on the strength of a station that was 'certainly' going to be built. It seems as if my scepticism was well-founded; Melbourne is not Perth where transport & planning ministers have a better record at honouring their promises and sticking to budgets.

None of the quoted 'capacity problems' are new, and all could have been foreseen. Another possible explanation is that given the blowouts in the 'regional fast rail' project, State Cabinet might be wary about giving Minister Batchelor funding for other rail projects, desirable as they might be.

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And here is the Sydney one.

Oh its blank . Better build some more toll roads and charge developers a fortune (only to waste the money and not be used for vital infrastructure)....
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