Melbourne May 2010 Somersoft Meeting - Doncaster

Hi All,

Dinner meeting 7pm onwards on Wednesday 26th May

The Bistro at Hotel Shoppingtown (opposite Doncaster Shoppingtown)
13- 21 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster VIC 3108
Telephone: (03) 9848 6811

Booked under: Somersoft

Please respond to this thread so I can firm up numbers for booking

Everyone - especially new members of the forum, lurkers, etc - welcome!

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Y-man
Bummer, I will have to miss this one (and 18th and deb ball already that week, not to mention starting my latest reno), but would love to come along when the next one is planned.
Please add me to the list of attendees!

I really enjoyed it last time and will come again (I'll see if I have any back copies of mags again to bring with me too).

Wishing you every success, Ana

Yes, please, no Weddings this month, Mike is actually in Melbourne, so we shall plan to come and enjoy the evening!

My First Post

Hi reading the posts of you all...investing in property is my passion now an would love to see you all....i just joined as a member today..i work for anz in city and please count me in....with my wife monica....cheers:)