More land for your Sydney terrace...

From: Owen .

I've just read this on the Fin Review site this morning. It sounds like a good way to get a bit more land in Sydney if you already own a terrace. It will be nice to clean up some of these lanes too.

"Dunny lanes now a property bonus"
Nov 7
Susannah Petty

Home owners in NSW will be able to claim ownership of so-called dunny lanes behind their properties under new changes to the Real Property Act.

In an unusual move, NSW Minister for Information Technology, Mr Kim Yeadon has secured an amendment to the act which will recognise private ownership of laneways that adjoin houses which have been occupied for 12 or more years.

The laneways are a legacy from the days before modern plumbing when outhouse toilets were emptied by nightsoil collectors via the dunny lane.

Mr Yeadon said the change would relieve problems in the laneways such as drug-taking and rubbish dumping."


"Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich – something for nothing"
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