New mail client - can't take it anymore!

First Outlook Express years ago and now Outlook - both giving me the absolute $h!t$!! Keeps crashing intermittently over the months/years, but now for some reason every time Outlook tries to download an email (on any email account) it freezes my whole computer. Well not freeze but pretty much stops everything in it's tracks incl. other programs.

Has no problem sending the mail though and everything works fine until it tries to start receiving an email. :( Error message given after lots of freezing is 'Task ' - Receiving' reported error (0x80048002): this task was cancelled before it was completed.' (not just the gmail account). Plus we're talking small test email sizes of 3kb it's stuffing up on, and I cleared the remote server so there was nothing else coming down jamming it up.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Have AVG running and no issues, and as far as I'm aware I haven't downloaded any suspicious emails or files.

Can anyone recommend a better email client I can download from the web - eg. I'm much happier with Mozilla than I was with IE.
Thanks James, will give it a go now. Would be happy if I never have to click the stupid little Outlook icon ever again! :mad:
When I had computer problems this is where mine began, problems got worse with complete computer shut downs frequently. I did think it I had major computer problems. Lucky had a friend who is a computer nerd and not a rip off merchant. My particular problem was with my antivirus I had every possible connoction of protection on the compuer. It turned out to be the issue, he removed that, put AVG on the computer, wallah no more problems at all. Computer is twice as quick now.
do you get/store a lot of emails?

check that your *.pst file is under 4Gb

it may also be corrupted

I do, in fact just last week (before today's problem) inwent through and deleted I'd say a couple thousand that had accumulated in my inbox and deleted items as I thought that may have been what slowed outlook down from time to time. Could that have caused the problem?

I also downloaded Thunderbird and tried to get it working but in the brief time I had coulnt get my servers email working yet, and the gmail accountvworked but then I think it choked it with the amount of emails (I never log into gmail so forgot to delete the old emails before I installed it in Thunderbird) and now Thunderbird is choking when I open it. Will try again tomorrow as I didn't gave much time tonight, but may need to call my techie. :(
I agree with Strannik. The reason I refuse to use Outlook is because of the stupid pst or ost files. They are too easily corrupted and have a ridiculous size limit.

Presuming you are a smart guy and do backups of all your data, including email files, restore the last backup of the pst file.

Check free space on C drive and whichever drive you have pst file.

Maybe you need to defrag and clean your registry too.

I use Outlook Express and have never had trouble with it, though it is difficult to synch with phones etc.

P.S. If you don't need your gmail emails left on the gmail server delete them automatically when downloaded, or go in every couple of months and delete. The shortcut is thus:
there are tools to fix pst files, and you could also try "compact" option after you deleted crap.

also for Gmail, if you go online into settings you can set the date for POP download, so it doesn't download any e-mails before that date.
comes in quite handy.