No longer in charge of the asylum

After over 23 years of dealing with the inmates [tenants] of my industrial complex and before that as Senior Property Manager at Raine & Horne, North Sydney and before that 10 years of of being a REA, I will be free from tenants for the first time in over 40 years when the sale of my property settles in a couple of weeks.

Being PM of our industrial complex was my husband's idea, I was cheaper than an agent as well as being a tax deduction :D I had little experience in leasing commercial properties but I learnt fast. I am thinking of writing a book about my experiences with some tenants, however on second thoughts I might be sued.

So here's to my second retirement and am looking forward to receiving payments that arrive on the due date and dont have to be chased.

PS Asylum/Inmates used with tongue in cheek.
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