Outdoor Dunny to Laundry - genius, or stupid?

Hi Guys,

We're looking at demolishing our dodgy laundry at the back of the house to make room for a nice deck (around 1m off ground)... I have thought of a couple of options for where the laundry could go, and wouldn't mind running it past you guys:

1) leaving washing machine there (will be under deck), but no head room - so like a half-height-room under the deck (cheapest? - no replumbing - but deck floor to be waterproof...)

2) converting our little backyard dunny (never used) - 70cm wide - to a laundry. Will have front loading washer/dryer, and shelves above it.

What do you think? Hubbie is keen to move it inside the house, but i'm more inclined to go with one of above... (noise, and no going up/down stairs with load)...

Also any idea on cost of converting plumbing for toilet to laundry (option 2)? Outdoor dunny is maybe 5m from existing laundry.

So, am I a genius, or totally impractical?

You could put it in the Dunny I suppose, but from a personal perspective I would hate to have the laundry outside of the house.
The back yard toilet sounds perfect as it is closer to the clothes line than in the house and a great use of an un-used space. The deck sounds wonderful. You wouldn't want to be stooped over every time you have to put washing in and get it out. I'm not sure about the costs but I would think they would be minimal as the pipes are already in the tiolet area.
The idea of the laundry in the back yard won't appeal to everyone

Things to consider

Laundries these days have clothes dryers as well so they don't need to be next to the clothes line.

What are you going to do when you want to do the laundry early in the morning and it's frezing cold or at night when you get home and you don't feel safe to be out alone?

Also where are you going to keep your dirty clothes basket?
I don't like the idea of an outdoor laundry, or the half-height one.

Have a close check of the house - is there anywhere a small laundry could be installed? Family room? Study?

Otherwise - why not install ON the deck? Could be like a big cupboard (with roof) joined to the back of the house with opening doors to show the washer with dryer above, tub beside washer. Should fit in an area about 1.5m x .75m. Not ideal, but better than down the backyard.
I have an outdoor dunny painted an attractive shade of orange (matches the paint that was in half the kitchen) and there's no way I'd put a laundry in there. Its just too small. We've filled it up with garden tools instead since we don't have a shed yet ... and can't really get a shed either as we need to move the sewer across the exact spot we want to put a shed *sigh*

You need more than 70cm for a laundry, where do you put buckets for soaking stuff? Last thing you want is poopy baby clothes soaking in the kitchen ...
yeah, there were some things I hadn't thought of there... i guess i have to put my head into "what would potential buyers - as a mass populus" want...

I've seen both a front-loading washer and drier under the benches in a kitchen before, its ok if you don't have much space or don't think you need a laundry trough. Beats going outside. Washers are designed to fit under a standard bench height, I think.