Overseas Investment Tax implication



From: G V

Hi everyone,

On an overseas holiday trip we came across a business proposition(overseas).my input to the business will be of capital nature. other partner will be looking after the management side. business is basically for cashflow. i don't see much of capital growth.
as a newbie
1. i could like to know what are the precaution measures i should take .
2. what is the minimum yield i should be expecting from this business.
3. How can I claim air fares(may be part of)and other expenses if
a. business falls through
b. we go ahead with business.
4. Type of company
at present i am self employed and have a company (typical IT person company). should i use the same company or start a new one.

5. tax implication on such type of business.

6. any books/website i should go read/look at


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