Peregian Springs

I know this is an old post but rather than raise a new thread i am interested in the peregian springs suburb and wondering if anyone has looked at it as a potential investment location?

Looks like there is going to be a heap of houses built most on tiny blocks. All I can think is massive oversupply in sardine packed development with heaps of surrounding land available. My observation, I could be wrong.
I looked at a house and land package there a couple of years ago as an IP.

Found it a bit far away from the action, and in some of the areas, many houses packed in on small blocks.

I had a larger block earmarked though didn't like the designs and value being offered.

From memory is was about $420k for a 4/2/2 200sqm with probably a $400 rental.

The coast market was very depressed, and still is to an extent, and there were many other areas with big projects. New hospitals at Kawana, new SC CBD plans for Maroochy etc.

In the end went to a different area and trying a small subdivision before building.
Hubby's sister just sold in PS. Took a while though. She said there is so much new development scope that people tend to want "brand new" and why buy something ten years old when you can get brand new for similar price a few streets away.

In the end she sold to a friend of a friend.