Play it dumb, or otherwise?

OK, we're off hunting again. Probably not really going to seriously consider purchasing until later in the year, but starting the process now.

Last time we were looking around I got some business cards made up:
Rob & xxxx xxxxx
Property Investors
Ph: xxxx xxxx

Handed a few out at inspections but it didn't seem to make much difference in getting followups.

What are the thoughts on appearing to be a "professional" property investor (which I'm not really) as opposed to a naive purchaser? Does it shows one's hand too early to reveal to REA that one is an investor? Or does it suggest that "the numbers" are the most important part of the deal?

Not sure whether REA want to deal with professional property investors. Sometimes, they are too much hard work for them. ;)

What I would suggest, is that a 'professional' investor, knows their requirements backwards, know their preferred location(s), have a firm budget, has finance in order, can act quicky if required and are personable in dealing with the REA.

I have never had REA follow me up with additional properties for sale. I think they would work on the principle of if they have the listings the buyers will come. Of course market conditions will influence this I suspect.

For example, I had one of the 'upper end REA' in Melb ring me every 6 months after I spoke to them about potentially selling an IP with them back in 2008. Not long after, I had said to them I am ready to purchase another renovator in 'this' area. They have called me twice since still asking about the current property. I have not heard from them on a prospective purchase and I know they have sold for a few properties which were similar to my requirements. This is one example, I have a few other similar experiences.

Who knows, maybe its me :eek:
In my experience it doesn't seem to make any difference until you have bought a few properties and the agents get to know you are serious.

Just be upfront, you're looking for an investment property, and this is the type of property you are after, be specific including the return you are after (best in $$$ as often yield confuses them - I'm not joking). :confused:

If they have something available they'll show you, if they haven't they will more or likely forget about you and won't ring you when they have something, so keep on their radar and stay in touch.

Cards are not required.
This sport we play is only about the numbers.

Everything else IMO is philosophical pap.

Agree. But could it work in our favour if the REA doesn't know initially whether we're investors or home buyers?

Actually, looking at that question, it's a stupid question - the REA will know at some stage, and I can't see how it may help in negotiations.

So I guess it comes back to - will cards help us look more professional? And is this (looking more professional) likely to earn us any respect/brownie points with the REA?
the best dealings i have had with rea's is to be upfront.

"Hey Jeff, this is what I am looking for. If you get something that ticks these boxes then bring it to me. if it stacks up i can move quickly"

that tends to work well. then they wont bring you crap :)
Hi wobbly,

I prefer to be upfront when I am am ready to buy.

I'm with Belu - tell the agents want you want.

I have bought one of my best properties in QLD because an agent knew I'd been looking for a bargain, knew I was ready with finance and wouldn't mess the Vendors around. A contract had fallen through and I was offered the property with a 10% discount.

Regards JO
Agree being up front. I've always thought honesty is the best policy. I guess showing that we're serious is going to get us the best bang for buck.

On a separate note, tho', how does one "have finance ready?" We had a pre-approval on our last one, but still had to offer subject to finance and it took ANZ MORE THAN A MONTH to get it sorted out!! I'd be sweating bullets if I went unconditional and then had to go through THAT again.
you can still buy subject to - just make it out to be a formality rather than an issue.

something like "Jeff, seriously everything is set but the missus would do me in if she knew i didnt put subject to finance" etc.