Please recommend a good mortgage broker

Hi all, I'm looking to purchase an investment property. Can anyone recommend a good and efficient mortgage broker in Melbourne? Many thanks!!

PT Bear and Bradsdad (Steve) are both forum members based in Melbourne and top notch.

Do a search for their details on some of the past posts.
I second the vote for PT Bear - Peter are you regretting that username all these years later?

Mmm should I be speaking? Buzz Lightyear : To infinity and beyond seemed so valid in 2002... now I am not sure if I want to see what is beyond.

Pete i was the same when i was going through my James Bond phase at the end of the 90's trying to convince myself i looked like a younger Sean Connery.
Thanks Rolf - as they say - ...on the shoulders of giants...

With a mentor like you anything is possible.

I'm looking forward to the first annual SS MB 'get together' in a few months time...
(In Qld of course)


As we Brokers are from all parts of Australia then in all fairness the locality of the get together should be inconvenient to everybody.

I would suggest The Birdsville Pub.

We should be able to double the population in one go and have the bar to ourselves at the same time.

Any get together must be in Melbourne as us Mexicans have trouble getting a Visa to head north.

Oh......and where else can you enjoy 4 seasons in the 1 day?
On the road a bit in the next few months. So put me down for the Melb MB get together at the end of Feb - it will prepare me for the Qld one in April.

Imagine what we can get up too when we actually get together.