PM recs around Parramatta/Harris Park (and turnaround times)

Hi everyone

Have been lurking here for a while but finally joined up :), love this forum!

I'm wondering if anyone has PM recommendations around the Parramatta/Harris Park area. My IP is currently managed by one of the large real estate conglomerates and asking them to organise anything for the property is just painful. Wasn't even getting statements until I wrote in terminating the PM agreement!

The place has also been empty for a fortnight since end of lease and I'm wondering if this is a standard turnaround time? Property is a 2bdr apartment, completely renovated (new paint/carpets/bathroom/fittings) and I'm asking for $320, which seems reasonable given current market rates.

I've never had such a long vacancy period between leases and am just frustrated with lack of communication and pro-activeness from the PM.

Would love if anyone could let me know of any PM recs in the area, and what everyone else's vacancy times are like?

Thanks in advance
PM recommendations asked & answered on this thread:

Vacancy rates is another issue. A couple of our clients, and me included, have had this recent experience: lots of PMs talking of ultra low vacancy rates but when the rubber hits the road and you actually look at the credentials of some of the prospective tenants, I would not rent a dog kennel to some of them.

So there may be plenty of demand and low supply of rental stock but there can also be a low supply of quality tenants too. ;) These factors are not reflected in the vacancy rate figures you see published.
Thanks for the link, Propertunity!

I guess it's just a waiting game...I'm pondering lowering the rental price to get someone in there, but waiting for some recs from the current PM (who I'm still waiting to hear from) as to how to get the place leased out.

Has anyone had any luck with advertising their properties in forums and then forwarding applications onto their PM? Places like gumtree, but also ethnic forums (I know there are Chinese/Indian ones) where there's a section for "properties for rent".
Something doesn't sound right. I leased a place in Merrylands late March at $340 per week in 4 days. Had 35 enquiries and 6 people through, 3 applications.
twobobsworth - that's been my experience traditionally with the whole Harris Park/Parramatta area, which is why I'm finding this so strange. PM has told me they've had two open homes and received 0 applications...with no recommendations as to what's happening.

I've posted the property on gumtree, fingers crossed. Might see if some friends can post them on non-English forums too.
Just received notice that my tenants in Rosehill are vacating so it will be interesting to see what interest I get. Mines being advertised at $300 so I'll let you know how I go there. Currently renting for $270 so $300 might be slightly higher. For Harris Park / Rosehill I think $20-$300 is in the ball park. Early $300 and people will start to look at places closer to Parramatta.

I normally havent had a problem with getting people in to the place.

Very odd IP in Greystanes advertised and got tenants in within a week (and good quality one too). The other tenant in the granny flat was willing to wait for 3 weeks while i finish some minor work in it...she paid a deposit just to secure the gf. total rent : 370 for 3 bedroom main house and 230 for gf!

Sometimes i think going to a smaller agency with more personal attention helps!
tez - good luck! would love to hear how you go. Browsing ads, it seems there are a few Harris Park properties at the $310-330 mark, but you may be right that i need to drop the price to get some tenants in...

That being said, I finally got access to the apartment this evening and am now reading my PM contract to see if you can fire them for incompetence.

Last tenants left the place with bugs so i asked PM to get them sprayed and volunteered to pay to have the place professionally cleaned after - seems they've done the first and not the latter, which would explain lack of interest (what kind of PM shows a place to prospective tenants with dead cockroaches on the floor?!?). Ugh, i hope this is enough grounds to negotiate a termination of contract without the 60 day period of notice...

Has anyone had experience terminating a management contract with the property vacant (and if they still want their 60 day warning?)
virgo - thanks for the tip, any particular agency recs? i'm thinking of giving r&w Merrylands a call as per recommendations, but i'm a bit worried that they're a little bit out of area for Harris Park
Has anyone had experience terminating a management contract with the property vacant (and if they still want their 60 day warning?)

I asked the same question a few years ago

Property mgr was a complete boof head. Let the tenant leave without providing notice or cleaning the property. Said not to worry because he had a new tenant lined up who was happy to clean the place and would even paint it for me, providing I replaced the oven & stove top.

Took the keys to go and have a look then called to advise them their services were no longer required. They were not holding any funds so there was nothing to deduct their 60 day commission from.
twobobsworth - excellent, i'm going to try the same approach. Thanks for that.

Wish there was some kind of regulation in the PM market, if I did my job like half the stories I'm hearing on here, I'd be unemployed within the week (!)