Powers of executive committee?

An extraordinary meeting is being held to raise a special levy for the admin fund as there was not enough money in the budget. There was a lengthy discussion at our last AGM about amendments to the budget and recommendations from the strata manager so we're pretty switched on about what spending was needed for this financial year. We're surprised that more money is already needed when there was a significant rise in the budget from last year.

Anyway, my husband contacted the strata manager to ask for a copy of the spreadsheet showing expenditure before the meeting so we are more educated about the need to increase the budget. The strata manager said that the executive committee discussed this in their last meeting and decided they would not provide owners with a copy of the figures until they turn up to the meeting next week. I believe that the committee are concerned that people, particularly my husband will pick it to pieces and make it difficult to implement the special levy.

Are the executive committee allowed to withhold this information from us? I thought that the EC was merely a group that acted on behalf of the owners to make everyday decisions and that an owner not on the committee can ask for information if they want it.

As there are lots of people in the know on here, I'd like to know if we have the right to ask for this information, or if the committee has the power to withhold information from the other owners.

Thanks in advance.
I can understand why they don't want to hand it out. The will give out the info, just not when you want it.

A few questions -

Are we talking about sinking fund or just admin fund?
When was the last AGM?
Any chance of including some figures?

Last year we had a special levy on our admin fund. Was $500 per unit because the admin fund was a few grand in arrears due to one owner not paying their levy.