prediction: no chance tomorrow

sad but true. Add to that list:

- unproductive speculative bubble in real estate
- deteriorating ToT
- no real direction...where is the vision for anything?
- Government debt blow out, leading to,
- Taxes and imposts rising
- deteriorating standards of living

We need a list of positives now to keep it balanced
Positives- The only one that really matters GDP growth 0.9% in the March quarter, and the sun will come up tomorrow
Comparison website said all 34 experts surveyed in its Reserve Bank survey predicted the cash rate would remain on hold.

Good to see all 34 experts got the number right..
There's a common joke amongst the investment community that whenever you get unanimous agreements from analysts, bet the other way...:D
They were right on this one though
It's amazing; just yesterday morning, Kochie and that economist bloke from CBA - Craig Somethingorother - during their daily finance update; were crowing about how well everything is (suddenly) going.


I haven't heard any good news from absolutely anyone for ages, yet ta,da! it's all on the uptick.

The value of goods and services exports fell 6 per cent, or more than $1.56 billion, seasonally adjusted, while the value of imports jumped 4 per cent, or nearly $1.1 billion.
But, does this refer to the actual volumes of the movement of items; or only the values.

I would have thought that the values would be misleading; given dollar fluctuations etc?

It's gunna be hard to get a trade deficit down if we are producing less (and therefore exporting less)?