Process of demolishing & rebuilding

Hi all,

Currently in the process of gathering information for demolishing my property & rebuilding in North West Sydney.

I'm looking for someone/company that will demolish and buy parts/materials of the building so that it would reduce my cost in demolition stage.

Could someone please recommend or point me in the right direction?

many thanks in advance.
They won't buy materials from you but their price to demolish will be based on what is worth salvaging from the building. Bear in mind too that just because you think that your floor or doors or whatever what cost you $x to buy, it doesn't mean that they are worth anything at all to the demo guys. It costs more to salvage and transposrt and store than it does to demolish it all together with a machine.

We bought some windows on Ebay. The owners were demolishing their house. They advertised nearly everything.

Buyers had to remove the items. Put in the add 2 days they will have to remove the items.
There were people there taking out kitchen, bathroom vanity, lights, windows, guttering, roller door, doors, wardrobes etc etc.

There wasn't much left of the house.

You could do that. It will take a few days of you sitting there though.
If you have something of value eg, a brand new kitchen and appliances you can advertise it on ebay. split system aircons of a decent brand can be sold on ebay as well. If it's something old none wants it.
Low end aluminium windows and doors will not be worth your time to remove them
I hope this helps