Property Managers

From: Eric Williams

Has anyone had any dealings with the property management group of Rental Hotline.
The real estate agents I deal with has decided to give me two weeks notice that they have transfered their management portfolio to Rental Hotline.
What happened to 90 days for contractural changes.
The contract also seems light on responsibility with all onus back on the owner.
Basically we will take your money but reserve the right to take responsibility.

Eric W.
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From: J Parker


If you're not happy then get someone else. Shop around for a good property manager and don't be afraid to ask heaps of questions, letting them know what you expect from a manager. Remember that you are employing them for a service! Good managers should have manageable rental rolls ie: no more than 80 properties per staff manager. Good luck!
Cheers, Jacque :)
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