Q on changing PM

I am on the verge of deciding on changing PM in Brisbane area. I got a new PM last year (a large chain) and have been very disappointed at the ways they have managed our property. Since I am far away and cannot fly to Brisbane to interview potential PM, so I have been looking at the recommendations from this forum (words of mouth, I suppose). There are 3 agencies have come up in the list: Pure Rentals (Russell Peter), Property Management HQ (Lu Bracher) and Rental Guardians (Andrew Allen).

Current lease agreement expires at the end of this year. I want to get rid of the tenants when lease expires. So, I will have to tell PM to give notice - 60 days are required. I read that December & January are really slow time to get tenants - so a bit of a dilemma here in terms of timing. I am going to ask a relative in Australia to help with some repair before re-letting with a new PM. The repair work should take about a week or two - however, it is Christmas / New Year period so I am not sure if it is achievable.

I read that it is better to find a new PM first, then let them tell the current PM. Is this still the best (professional) approach to this? While I do not have any grudge against the current PM, I just do not like the ways they have managed the property.

I have concerned about terminating the lease and PM at the same time. If tenants cause some damage to the property, or leave it in terrible condition, the departing PM will wash their hands off the problems. So, is it better to get rid of the tenants first to make sure they return the property in reasonable condition, then get a new PM?

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

PS - In terms of PM, please private message me who NOT to use / avoid.
Hi Babushka,

I would recommend that you get a new PM before you get rid of the tenant and fill them in on your concerns and the issues you have had with the tenant.

If your current PM isn't looking after the property properly then you will find that the final inspection and vacating isn't done properly either. This could cost you if you have a poor PM managing your vacate.

If you get some quotes prior to the tenants moving out for works and your new PM can book the works in then you should be able to get the works done in December / January depending on the vacate date of your tenants.

December / January is typically a slow time for tenants so do be prepared for a longer vacancy just in case and try to get any new tenants on a 13 month lease.

I have found that Russell Peter who is on this forum always gives good, honest and informative advice so from my experience on here I would think that Pure Rentals is the way to go!

Let us know how you go!!
Thanks, Sez and Crystalclear, for your views. Really appreciated your thoughts, Sez. I have been struggled with how to deal with the situation best, and your reply helped me. I will contact Russell Peter.
hi Guys

happy to help if needed. I would look at changing now that way the new agent can do a initial inspection and address any issues with the tenant before asking them to move at the end of the lease.

I would look but depends on how bad the tenant is to extend the lease or make the renewal to the end of January start of February.

but all the above depends on where the property is located, config and house or unit.

give me a call can discuss in more detail.

Russell 0406 743 965
Hey Russell,

Think I saw a video of a property you did recently. It was a 3D video which included a birds I view of the floor plan. It was awesome.
Babuska, has the tenant been a problem, why do you want to get rid off them? If it is to the work around the property they may be happy to stay on, pay you rent while the work is completed?