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From: G Chaggar

hello there,
after reading some of the handouts at Geoff's seminar, i have just realised that me accountant has no idea about IP. does anyone know a good quantity surveyor in melboure, preferably eastern suburbs. i might need to get them to prepare a report on my properties.

thanks in advance

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From: Stephen Olifent

I have used one only once on a new property. not too much to compare. Details are RJ Vaughan and Associates. they are at 464 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North ph. 9481-8809.

hope this helps.

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


I use a fellow in Belgrave. He is pro-active and knows his stuff compared to many that I have used and seen over the last 7 years.

His name is George Harmon and his phone number is 9754 2333.

I hope that this helps

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From: G Chaggar

thanks guys
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