Question about the Updated Residential Tenancies Act 2010

Hi there.
Was wondering if anyone would able to answer a question about one of the updates in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010
in section 4 of the act it states
4. The landlord agrees:
4.1 to provide the tenant with at least one means to pay rent for which the tenant
does not incur a cost (other than bank fees or other account fees usually payable
for the tenant’s transactions) and that is reasonably available to the tenant,
The way i read it (as a renter)i shouldn't have to pay any fees other than the banks fee.
Is this correct that they must supply a free account to pay into ,also what if the landlords agent uses rental rewards does this not apply to third party payments.

Hope this makes sense.
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I think you will find that a service like rental rewards takes a fee of like 1.7% of the payment.

What it trying to say is that you cannot force a tenant to use a system like rental rewards that takes this fee. Only bank fees charged by the tenants own account are acceptable.

So money orders are no good as they cost $2.50 a go.

Easiest on is direct deposit into an account... then the only fees charges are those of the tenants own account.
Systems like Rental Rewards are fine, but you must supply at least one payment option that does not incur a fee so Rental Rewards and no other option would be unacceptable.