RBA warns on wages breakout

if you can't get labour - the cost goes up to secure that labour.

that hurts the lower end, because new workers see "cleaner getting $120k/pa" and refuse to work at maccas for $12 an hour, then claim they can't get a job.
RBA can go shove it's report.


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^^^^ precisely.

where is this "wages breakout" cost going to be funded from? last time i checked, banks weren't lending any more to businesses than what they can kneel and grovel for.

govt wage growth ratchet clauses don't exist and are only liked to CPI.

I dont think small to medium businesses are in any sort of position to be paying pay rises, in fact far from it.

Lets wait for the stimulus money from the USA, China and Australia to fizzle out before we come to a conclusion whether we have a 'boom' on our hands. Until then its all speculation.

It's already happening mate........the poor punters have to pay for their over priced 4x2's somehow..........:eek:

Just watch how quick the actions surrounding the latest gains up North start to spread.

Gorgon is also setting the pace with some rather nice hourly rates...on & off the beach.....while the dirt companies are already going into damage control.