RE Agent, Coburg Melb

Hi All
I am trying to find out which RE agent gets the best sales results in Coburg area with good marketing strategies.

I am not in Melb have looked at last sales in area but would prefer someone who has local knowledge/experience.

Can anyone help

Cheers, MTR
Nelson Alexander seem to have the best success and biggest presence in the Coburg area.

They always seems to sell their properties 10-15 % over quoted price ...surprise surprise...

But at least they do the job, even I bought through them recently.. no problems

Ray White and Lewis also have a fair listing in the area
Hi Smule
thanks for that info.

Nelson Alexander are actually managing the property so this will possibly work out quite well.

Cheers, MTR
Brad Teal are also a very prominent local agency, although I can't recommend their services as I haven't used them myself, just see them around quite a bit.
I bought in coburg through NA recently... I thought they did a fairly poor job for the vendors (bought property >10k below reserve, agent seemed more interested in just 'getting the deal done' than getting a good price for vendor.. good for me) and a fairly poor job for us afterwards (very hard to get in contact with agent). Definitely not using them if/when we next sell

I havent bought/sold property with Hocking Stuart, but I have met on more than a few occasions on of their agents (Andrew, dont know last name.. sure you can find it out from their page) who seems great for vendors (at least in brunswick) and he was always courteous and extremely professional, we have a couple of properties in the area and will definitely use him for what its worth
I used to deal a bit with a Guy from Lewis realty quite a while ago but he's moved into the commercial are elsewhere now. All the staff there seem quite friendly at that stage and I got the feel they were pretty ethical there.

Thanks everyone for help.

I have spoken to Andrew from Hocking Stuart and found him easy to talk to and professional, my concern is that he does not sell many properties in Coburg?

I have been in contact with the BA who originally purchased this property on my behalf. They now have a service where they will sell your property in conjunction with RE agent, however they make sure it is marketed correctly and the process runs smoothly.
They split the commission with RE agent, I have a couple of concerns with this. I believe it could be a conflict of interest, and how hard will the RE agent work if he has to split the fee??

Cheers, MTR