Real estate agency as brokers??

HI all

Today I just got a call from an agent saying they got my detail as I attended one of their inspections. He said his agency had done some great deals with their lenders and I would be getting great products going through them to get finance.

Anyone had any experience with their lenders?? since when these agencies become broker?:confused:
Some agents such as L J Hooker have a finance division, some of the other bigger one's do as well.

Or they may have an inhouse Broker.

Almost all REA's have either an in house broker, or someone that they refer to on a fee for referral basis.

The product mix would be no different than an independent or other franchised broker.

Id like to know the privacy rules on that one. Go to a house inspection and get a call from a broker? Who would they be working in the best interests of, vendor or purchaser?