Regional Centres - Shepparton

Hi All,
I've been looking for a positive cash flow property (>6.5%) for less than $300K and have been considering different regional centres in Victoria. I'd be interested in some feedback from forum members about their success in achieving these sorts of figures and where.

I've been considering Shepparton. Is there any investor feedback about this regional city?

I grew up there but I don't know the real estate history. (Except that my grandfather made a killing by buying rural land just on the outskirts).

I had a feeling that growth has not been great. Check out the price history.

There's a lot of blocks which have been split into two with a big house in the back. I don't know how much potential there is for that, and whether that has been factored into prices.

In the last couple of months SPC has withdrawn from contracts they had with orchardists. That may influence the local economy- however fruit growing is by no means the biggest rural industry around.