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From: Shelly R

To those who negative gear.
When purchasing a property,
providing the capital growth looks very good to reasonable.
How much consideration is giving to the annual rental return for a buy and hold?
Things have quickly changed in my neighborhood,no more ideal 6.5% returns.
The property I'm currently looking to buy will return just under 5%.
This may not be so terrible but its in a
coastal area where rents are not going to ever climb to compare with city rents.
Not obtaining higher rents will also cut me out of purchasing more properties due to serviceability.

Another question.When purchasing house and land how important is a lock up garage and
an en suite?This place I'm contemplating
has neither even though its new.

A note to Jeremy L,just want to mention that
earlier this year you e mailed me with some tips on IP investing.One thing you said struck a chord,"don't give away your capital growth!"
I bought two properties(not in the area you suggested though)anyway now I'm $250,000 better off.Thanks Jeremy.
Cheers shelly
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From: Jeremy Laws

Thank you! Do I have to remind you christmas is coming up? Anything from would be acceptable - if you have a furnished IP you could possibly even claim it. You may also appreciate the background from another page we all know well.........

Very pleased you have done so well. Keep buying!
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From: Land Holdings

Now that is the ultimate doodad!

Had to say it. Even if I had 1 million dollars worth of equity, I still wouldn't be able to afford it.

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