Repairs and Maintenance for 1960's duplex


What sort of repairs, maintenance and expenses would you be looking at if you were to buy something like this below. Its built in 1968. Some of it is renovated. The land content is good at 480 sqm.

I just worry that in the future there will be lots of maintenance and repairs if I buy something older. What kinds of repairs? new roof? What else do I need to take into consideration.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

semi detached 2 x 1 duplex - 16 Bath Road Morley
I have a 1963 house in Cloverdale. Gutters are shot, drains block up occasionally, some bathroom tiles cracked and leaked, gas HWS needed maintenance, evaporative air-con needed a new pump, drains block up every now and then. I fixed most of it myself though, so very little cost.
Oh yeah, I was looking at a duplex half in Carlisle. It was on the old purple title, where the walls of the house form the lot boundaries. The rest of the block is common property. If I wanted to extend, I would have to get the other owner to sign the DA. They might not agree. If it is a strata plan, you need to get the other owner to sign and then lodge a plan of re-subdivision to update the buildings if you extend. Of course, both of these can be converted by Landgate to survey strata but all owners must sign the application.

I can't remember if survey strata with common property needs all owners to sign a DA. Best check with council on that one.

My point being, if you buy into a duplex half on a purple title or strata title, you may not be able to extend to develop if that's what you are planning to do.