Rude Email / REF Renovation

From: Adam Randall

Hello I received this email from a Colin Mills regarding the renovation topic listed a couple of weeks ago.
"What the hell are you talking about??? My post was designed to discourage people from thinking that renovating property was "easy" money. Which it is not. How could you describe that as crap? The interesting thing is that you sound like the typical clown who I was trying to warn.
You will get ripped BADLY! You come across as being "wet behind the ears" - all talk and very limited experience. Your silly example about the plumber is laughable.
Well don't listen to me - you go out and renovate all you like - in fact I insist. A fool like you will run out of money very quickly in the big nasty jungle of the building game. The builders,the tradesmen will eat you up and spit you out - they can spot a mug a mile away!"

In answer to this. Compared to a lot of people on this site (Michael Croft, Gee Cee Cee, Geoff Doidge etc) yes I would have to say I am very wet behind the ears, and have a lot still to learn. Considering I am 27 years old this is to be expected. However I control nearly $700,000 worth of property (I did it on my own). I have renovated a bathroom and a Kitchen (supposedly the hardest rooms to renovate), and while I have no proof really I think they are a success. This includes full rewiring, Tiling etc (I am a restricted B class electrician), and your insinuation that all tradesmen are predatory creatures waiting to prey on the unsuspecting is rubbish, also explain to me why my example of the plumber is silly, it happened, and it highlighted the fact even though I knew nothing about plumbing I could tell when I was being taken for a ride even though I am an "ordinary white collar worker" as you put it waiting to be eaten up by all those evil tradesmen out there. Maybe I shouldn't get out of bed in the morning for fear of all these nasty people.
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From: Juana Atkins

On 4/30/01 2:19:00 PM, Michael Croft wrote:
success is the best revenge. You sound pretty successful to me.
Politeness, helpfulness and respect are usually standard fare on this board.

Chin up, keep working on getting out of the rat race.

Wonder Woman?
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From: Robert Longmore

Funny thing about builder spotting a mug a mile away, at work (qantas) there is a new shed being erected, approx 15 Ft X 10 Ft by 12 Ft high, as well as a car port type structure in front of it apprx 20 Ft, anyway, watching the builders building away, we were discussing the price we could do it for, the average was about $10K. we got talking to the builder, and he quoted $100,000 yes i typed it correctly, and yes, qantas paid it. yet this shed is nothing special, just a storage area, roller door, and a side door, thats it. no gold plating, no diamond shandeleirs, just a metal shed. some been counters need a serious reality check.
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From: Michelle Riley

Hi Adam,
I've only attempted one full reno.I got sooo ripped off.
I was very ignorant of costing etc and female!
Since then I've paid tradesmen of one type
or another to do various jobs.Last week
minor renos on new investment house.
Now I actually expect at least some guys will try to get at me.
I've found that needing a job done in a hurry
makes you very vulnerable.Getting several quotes is
sensible but sometimes time doesn't allow.
I loathe paying anyone by the hour even if I've used them before.
I assume it would take time to establish
an honest and reliable team of trades people.
This reliable team couldn't sit and wait for your next job so
often you might find them unavailable.
Obviously some have got renos down to a science.I've read the most fantastic advice
from these reno scientists on this list.
The best help would have to be here.
I have to agree with you in part as
most things in life renos would not be all smooth sailing.
Personally I don't like dealing with tradesmen.Get fed up with being called love.
Have to admit often send my male partner in
to communicate,talk about Venus and Mars!
By the way anyone know the average cost of
an electrician per hour?I just got charged
$50,seems a lot to me?
Cheers Michelle
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From: GoAnna !

I think there are renovations and renovations.

Only basic skills are required for cosmetic improvements such as recarpet and repaint. If you have the visual creativity to take something tired and out of date (but structurally sound) and give it a fresh modern look you can make some pretty easy money. Even better if you are able to do some of the work yourself.

I think that good work comes back to forming relationships. My builder knows that I will be calling him at regular intervals for years to come. It is not in his interest to treat me badly. And if I am not able to make a profit through him he knows that I will go elsewhere.

One of the tricks is not to waste money on invisible improvements such as plumbing. The other is to assume that everything could cost twice as much and takes three times as long as you have planned. Most of the time things go to plan but it is too costly not to have a plan B in place, just in case.

GoAnna !
(aka Anna before she got real)
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From: James Doherty

Adam, restricted licence holder eh! Well I hope your work was supervised by an unrestricted (A) electrician and I hope you lodged your certificate of electrical safety.
(assuming your in victoria)
Michele, yes $50 is pretty good, how do I know: cause I am one.
People seem to always complain when they are on the paying end of an electrician or a plumber for that matter. These days to run a business after paying your insurance, Public liability(10mill standard if you want to work for a large corp) Work cover, GST, you would be doing the job for free if you did it for less than $45 p/h.

Just accept it but find one you can trust and who does a good job. Word of mouth is usually a good way to find a good tradesman.
Or find one who is very local, you wont be ripped off if you are living next door.

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