"Sergey, where are ya?"

From: Mark Laszczuk

I was just looking through the top ten. Where the hell is Sergey? He just disappeared off the face of the earth. Anyone know where he is? Why did he go AWOL?

'no hat, some cattle'
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From: Marina .


Mark would you believe I was thinking exactly the same thing.

I enjoyed reading Sergey Golovins posts tremendously.

I wonder where he could be????????????

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From: Simon H

that's funny i was also thinking the same thing too last week !, apparently his last login was February 21, 2002

Sergey come back !!!

Simon H
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From: Anonymous

I heard he was currently in survival training in a purpose-built state-of-emergency bunker he'd constructed after September 11. Some people told him the world was about to cave in, and investing in anything would prove futile. He's sold all his assets and cashed up........but controls the largest supply of canned baked beans in Australasia.

He can be contact via the portal found in:
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